Veni Vidi Thierro

So yeah, just wanted to let you peeps know I won’t be around for a week or two… I’m going to Italy! …again.

My first big trip outta Belgium was two years ago, a (facultary…is that a word? :ne: ) schooltrip to Italy. So now, I’m going there…again :smiley: This time with my family. Actually, now we’re going to Umbria only (a part of Italy) whilst with school, we quickly drove the whole way down to Naples and back :beam:

I was planning on taking my laptop with me so I could take as many digital pictures as I wanted, but I ended up not feeling to sure about it (I’d have to take care of it the whole friggin’ time, never let my eye of it, and I just wouldn’t be able to relax) so I bought a couple of extra Flash Cards which 'll let me take about 800 pictures :lol: [size=1]Like I’m ever gonna do that :stuck_out_tongue:[/size]

So, wish me luck, and I’ll see you all in two weeks then.

Ciao Kirupians.

Have a great time! yaknowwhatimtalkinbout? :stuck_out_tongue:

yay - enjoy it! :slight_smile:

Iknowthat’stheonlybadpartaboutthefactit’safamilytrip,buthey,youneverknowrightlol :lol:

Thanks guys =)

have fun dude. funny enough, my current project is an italy-guide. not finished yet, otherwise you could test it :slight_smile:

Thanks man :slight_smile: Haha, too bad it’s not finished yet :wink:

But it’s already set where we have to go on each day anyway, so there wouldn’t be much room to really follow your guide anyway :wink:

Thanks man! :stuck_out_tongue:

bump :frowning: