Man! Stuff has changed so much I feel like a Kirupa virgin! That doesn’t mean I have to start off as a newbie again, does it? That sucked totally…

Well I can’t promise I’m back for good - but I’m going to make an effort, cause I know how much you ALL miss me (pfft! yeah right!)

I also got a digital camera now - so perhaps I’ll have some cool/funny/otherwise midly entertaining pics to show you all. If anyone’s wondering what’s been going on in Jingleville, just check out my personal site. That has about everything that’s worth knowing on there.

See yas all when I see yas!
Humbly yours,

  • Bad Magick

P.S. New Slipknot CD is incredible. If you’re not a fan, you should be :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Welcome back :stuck_out_tongue: Did you leave before or after the new vBulletin update? If you left before, a whole lot of stuff did change!