Backend for bands website! (nyc)

looking to hire someone ASAP for below!

here it is in short :

the band matt pond pa, needs to set up a backend to update copy, and some images their online store (flash based). So when they are on tour, this can be done by management and the label, or by other band members without the use of flash.

check out

the sections for news, correspondence, shows and merch are the main pieces that need a way to be remotley updated. the way i set it up (since i built and designed the site) is each of those sections are external swfs being loaded into movieclip holders.

is there a way someone could essentially, create a login, that would allow the user to input an update, and upload it directly to the server and have it loaded in the corresponding swf?

if this is something you can do, please let me know a quote for how much this would cost and lets discuss as soon as possible.

email me at [email protected]

thank you!!!