Background music on web

I have a flash site and I am trying to add music. I have a clip in wav form that I want to loop as background music continuously for every frame. When I upload the movie and view the site, there is no music. Suggestions?

Do I need to upload the actual wav file also?
Should I convert to mp3 or let flash do it?
In general, what do I do to make it play on the site?

Were you ever able to finish your preloader and make it werk?


I think so, but since it is quite small in size right now, it does not serve much purpose. If it is about 30 kb, it would not be visible on 56k, would it?

You would know better than me. Have you published on the web to look? If not, you can press control enter, Twice. The second time your preloader will play. But with 30k, you don’t need a preloader unless your gonna add a bunch of stuff.


Everything seems good. Any suggestions for the music?

Are you sure you’re not relaunching the music on each frame ?
pom 0]

Right now I get no music at all. All I did was insert the file in a new layer and set the repeat to a high number. I want it to play continuously.

Yea I have ideas. How about the Cranberries? :rollin: Whatever you pick make sure it is not irritating and that you have a sound off button. Thats one of the things I absolutely despise about websites with sound, either irritating crappy music and/or no off button. You’ve never seen someone run faster for the back button if a site tramples what I am listening to, as I always listen to music when in front of my puter and have no desire to be imposed upon.


Interesting monologue, but I meant to make the sound work. One thing that I have a chance in hell of handling is selection of music.
BTW, I teach saxophone, the site is to promote, so the music is of me (making it the best background music in the world, of course)

Well, then all is different if it is a music site, music man. Then F8 refers to a chord and not the create movie, button ,graphic command? :smiley:
You should tell kirupa that you want your title to be the music man.


Back 2 the initial question:
1/leave as wav, Flash does the compression to mp3
2/make sure your clip is on every frame where you want the music 2 play (means it should be, in its layer, as long as any graphical content layer where you want sound…'s that clear?)
3/check if your soundclip has enough frames to display all of the sounds wave form, add frames as needed

if the swf shows, and the sound is in there, it should play!

shoot eyezberg, how did you go about making that swf in your sig? i mean, a summary, not a tutorial? tweens? actionscript?

With regards to your preloader problem mentioned.

open up the Fla file. Hit Ctrl+Enter, or choose menu option “control/test”.

Then, while it’s running, click on “View/Bandwidth Profiler”
then, click on “debug/” and choose a really low bandwidth… like 26k (you can customize how much comes across too. If it’s still too fast just make up a setting of 1k per second.)

Then click on “view/show streaming”.

The movie will reload, from the beginning, and imitate a slow connection speed.

This is the best way of checking out your preloaders.