Here is something i made. Is it background worthy?

heres the image link [SIZE=1][/SIZE]

yesss that was quite sick bro nice work. what did u make it in and how long did it take?

Too bad that those edges are verry jagged and pixelish.
Apart from that, its pretty cool :slight_smile:

I made the render in Blender and then added the other stuff in photoshop. about the sharp edges and jagged edges, they happened when i exported it into photoshop, but im tryin to get rid of that!

Ive smoothed it all down and added a blur but, I need an opinion if its better with a blur or without a blur?

heres the link for no blur -

and heres the link for it with blur -

**EDIT: **I am having difficulties uploading the no blur copy, it seems to just upload the blurred version!

blur destroys it:)

I don’t really like it.
But i’m also looking at UK interest rate opinions which may be influencing me!

What’s it for?

Also check out

^ o.O

right. i’m not quite sure if you’re just spamming (can never tell anymore) but in any case, we generally don’t hijack people’s threads.

definitely no blur… if you want it to look cooler, look at what otehr 3d abstract wallpapers look like. not to copy, but so you see what techniques they use.

for example, most of them have very dynamic lighting… highlights, beams of lights, bursts, and a lot of overlaying. If you created some more content like that on top of the 3d render, it’d look more layered, and also hide a bit of the jaggies perhaps!

ok, :smiley: ill add more stuff, change lighting and get rid of blur

I decided to turn away from the 3D abstract and turn it into a softer cartoony kinda bright and soft thing, 1 with loads of red and 1 with loads of blue

red -

blue -

I’mnot sure if the top of this is a reference to me but if it is i’m not spamming or hijacking a thread. Asking what it’s for is a relevant question to ask. And the link(s) are links to abstract 3d backgrounds. Exactly what you suggest evildrummer looks at.

If i’ve made an error in my reading of this situation I apologise.

As you say…

can never tell anymore


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:-/ [whisper]I cant see it[/whisper]

I didn’t see any highjack or spamming. Nice site Rufus.

I got the same as Bokke.

I really need to get better hosting, Ill try and host elsewhere, because it wont let me attatch here because the file are 150kb each!

Just takes too long to load mate, sorry.

Whoa. Skeery. I swear that last week, I drew something almost exactly like this. Weird.

So, naturally, I like it.

lol, I like drawing random stuff, sciurus post what you did?