Banned ruski

I put him on a 3 day ban, my first ban and I didn’t want to do it, but enough is enough.

No reason for that comment… at all…

If he wants to stick around he needs to learn how to act. I’ve been watching his posts, he asked for it. I didn’t give him a one day ban because what the heck is 1 day?

I hope you guys agree :slight_smile:

I’ve been wanting to permaban him for a few days now…

lets hope he screws up when he gets back :stuck_out_tongue:

it was only a matter of time… im not sure if this kid means to be rude or just really dosent know how to emphasis sarcasm or when he is joking around, either way some of his statments (wel most) are in a rude fashion and most are really not neccessary.

i wonder how long till he is banned. Wanna start a poll :lol:

I think he already is on a 3 day ban :slight_smile:

yeah i know kirupa, let see how long till he is perm banned, lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh hehe. It shouldn’t take him long at all! I’m guessing 2 days after his return.

hehe… changed your message aye, dont forget i get emailed the message you first posted, hehe …call the COPS :cop:

hehe - I’m guilty of that :stuck_out_tongue: I still have a hunch that he and color_loser_pup are somehow related!

I’m glad he’s got himself a temp ban, that should cool him down. Though several people that were tempbanned got worse, like pinx. Let’s keep an eye an him and see how this turns out, if he does it again we can always have some fun permbanning him :beam:

I always wondered what happend to Pinx! So she got perm-banned? Wow…i remember her…hehe

Yeah, she pretty much dared Dan after he tempbanned her :stuck_out_tongue: