I dont know about the rest of you guys - but i noticed this kid/guy has an attitude problem.

The second thread is what got me. Like we are supposed to be honoured that he might stay if we are good enough :td:

I think we should warn him - then if he keeps it up a temp ban. I didnt wanna take action without bringing it up here first though.


I handled him! :evil:

yeah that dude was a little nasty with his request or should i say commands. lol

temp band was in order. Wonder if he will come back.

That kid is hilarious…

lol - I actually liked him at first when he pointed another member to the font identification thread in D&D :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here kirupa. But then like I told soulty, good first post, then it just went way downnhill.

Glad you had fun dan :thumb:

It felt good, thanks. :thumb:

Haha nice going :stuck_out_tongue:

dudes, keep an eye on Silverfox too… ruski posted a wrong thread in kool sites, and silverfox + reefer went all bananas on him…


silverfox and reefer have been warned.

temp ban on silver is imminent :stuck_out_tongue:

reefer? ohh, you mean the reefster :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah that little punk *** prick…

Does anyone think that ruski_flasher has actually changed for the better? :slight_smile:

no… :slight_smile:

he seems to be a little more sensible… but i dont follow him around… so i can only base that on the comments i see in drawing and design, but from that he seems like he is trying to help and not be a menace.

Gah what’s up with his post in random? Definitely should be banned

From some of his posts i think he has became a bit better, but from other posts i think he still hasnt learned.

The Reefster I think has been warned before too…

I have a strange feeling that he is actually color_loser_pup. Their IPs are very similar, one came shortly after the other was banned, the footer style is similar except ruski made his blurred, one is from ontario…another is from Toronto (it’s like saying Georgia and Atlanta), and they both share photography as an interest :slight_smile:

He is a lot nicer and better behaved now though, so it’s all good :stuck_out_tongue:

he is actually beginning to irritate me. Spamming threads that are serious in nature. Like my max thread…grrrrrr

yeah i see what you mean… just from a couple of minutes of going through threads ive seen some stupid comments from him, but then again he just posted “double post” in a thread that was in dd and showcase, in which i just merged… (“My portfolio”)

so he is helpfull but annoying, i think the way he goes about doing stuff is annoying.