Basic styling for a dynamic text field

I’m populating a dynamic text field using

instance_mc.textField_txt.htmlText = “some string of text”;

Can this method of populating a text field be styled with CSS? or do you have to use an external text file?

One thing I have tried is using basic html tags <br> tags in the string and this works, and so does <b> bold is there away of just specifying in the string a different font size and colour?

I’ve tried writing an inline css style and this didn’t seem to work.

My text field is not created with as, but the movie clip in which the text field resides is added from the library in a function.

say for example i have “Ricky55<br>Some Street”; is it possible to make Ricky55 in a larger font that some street?

Hope I’ve explained this accurately enough for you to answer.

Thanks to everyone who’s helped me over the last few weeks, once I know more I’ll be sure to help others on a regular basis.