Basic Web Service Connection Problem

I’m trying to connect a Flash interface with a web service over the company intranet, and so far having no luck at all. While I have a pretty good Flash background, my experience with

other web technologies is pretty limited. The web service, which spits back XML, has been put together by a web developer who doesn’t have a lot of experience with Flash. I’m using a web

service object to connect, and the URL he has given me to connect to looks like this:


[/COLOR][COLOR=RoyalBlue][COLOR=Black]As I understand it, “” is the web service itself and “FindAllOfficesXML” is the web service method.[/COLOR][/COLOR][COLOR=RoyalBlue]
But that URL doesn’t make sense in the context of my code:[/COLOR][/COLOR]



function connectto_ws() {
datapath = “”;
printwebservice = new WebService(datapath);
pendingcall = printwebservice.FindAllOfficesXML();
pendingcall.onResult = function(result) {
_root.resultstring.text = result;
pendingcall.onFault = function(fault) {
_root.resultstring.text = fault.faultstring;

I’m setting the web service URL to the specific method, FindAllOfficesXML, of the web service, and then I’m defining pendingcall as a method of that same method!

Changing the URL to more closely resemble examples I see online doesn’t work either:


I have a feeling the solution is pretty simple, but I’m not seeing it.