Batman Begins - Coffee and Cigarettes


I haven’t had a chance to watch trailer yet. no sound on this computer

also worth a look

looks pretty sweet! I can’t wait :slight_smile:

I’m a big batman fan. I hope this movie is as good as it can be.

oh man, how cool does that look…I hope its as cool as the trailer, thanks for that ratbaggy

I’m excited by the new film when I heard who was directing it and who Batman would be I thought we were onto a winner, lets hope so :thumb:

I saw the trailer yesterday and it still doesnt give much detail about the movie (a little insight into the plot I guess but details are sketchy at best). It does had a certain coolness factor going for it though. Its one to keep an eye on.

For some reason, I read: “a big fatman ban” first :ne:

[size=1]I’m weird :crazy:[/size]

I’m a big fan of Christian Bale’s movies, he’s done some great acting as dark characters (American Psycho, Shaft, The Machinist) and I think he fits really well into someone like Batman. I can’t wait for this next year!

All i have to say is DC Comics suck and from the looks of it this batman doesnt seem rich anymore because his batmobile sucks rotflmfao, but i guess they have nothing to loose trying.

The thing with batman is hes a millionaire so people dont relate to him, well most of the people, now you take spidey for example hes so humble and humane and thats why people like spidey more because they can relate to someone like spidey and not a gazillionaire like bruce wayne. At least he has one of the best artist drawing him nowadays Jim Lee rules :love: to bad batman sucks though lol

Spider man is [size=5]EMO!![/size]

Batman is the dark knight, thats what makes him cool!
He is the anti-hero who’s out for revenge! Spiderman is just out to get EMO’d!

i hate bat man!. lol

its so funny. they cant think up new ideas so they pull old up ideas