Batman Begins: more details, pics

Here’s a link to details and pics of the upcoming Batman movie.

Unfortunately, they’ve redone the Batmobile and it looks horrible. :td:

ROFL @ batmobile

LOL! :stuck_out_tongue:

it looks like something from Junkyard Wars :stuck_out_tongue:

along with a prototype armored suit

hmm, along the same lines as the Crapmo-whoops, I mean Batmobile?

Not sure that batmobile is right… hmmm.

There’s a shot by shot description of the trailer at it sounds good, I hope the film is ok, the cast and crew are certainly up to the job.

no no no no no no…the batmobiles got to be cool and black, sleek and stylish, not made of lego like that things looks

Any DC Comic movie sucks nuff said only good batman movie was the first thats it

oh I don’t know I thought that the second one was the best.

Dark, gothic, Michelle in a leather suit :drool:

Only disappointment was Keaton as Batman, I think Clooney was terrible but Val Kilmer was ok, let down by a bad script though.

looks like it should belong to the dude who killed superman, doesn’t it? You know the big stone thing?

I don’t think he had a driver’s license, though.

and i dont think they had drivers ed in that underground prison they kept him in either, come to think of it.

The more I look at it, the more I can’t help but wonder how bad everything else in the movie will look…


lol - that was the best description ever in that caption!