Battle Character

Its still a work in progress but I thought that I would get some comments or suggestions before I finish and maybe I can alter it a bit according to suggestions. What do you think?

I uploaded the newest version

i like the head and hair especially but the wings’ shape is weird

oh sweet! thats dope!

Here’s the almost finished thing…

i kninda dug the black bg more. but otherwise (minus the low quality) it looks reallly nice!

Quality check…

that i like!

i don’t really know what kind of look you’re going for, so i’ll just make my comment general and you can ignore it if you want…

for humans, the head is usually about 1/8th of the full body (in size), so your character is a bit short (or the head is a bit big) technically speaking, although i don’t think you’re going for uber-realistic, are you?

anyway, nice job overall

Yeah, I know about the human ratio aspect for drawing, but since its supposed to by kind of cartoony I left it slightly large. Thanks :slight_smile:

Typical male figures are 7.5 heads and females are typically 7 heads according to my memory cells…

for some reason it reminds me of the character from Devil May Cry… but still some nice work you done there…

well done. :slight_smile:

Nah, I don’t think so. Lol, the DMC characters are drawn amazingly well! :stuck_out_tongue:

but this isnt bad.

I’m actually quite proud. The only thing I looked at for reference was a picture of my head. Everything else was out of my head with my mouse. First ever line-art. I think it turned out pretty well…

There’s something great about winged humans.
Nice work.

The guy you’re thinking of is called Dante. :slight_smile:

It’s the black and red that does that - he reminds me of a cross between Dante and Vincent from FF7. :slight_smile: But it’s very good, Jubba. Especially if this is indeed your first ever line art piece. :slight_smile: My first attempt didn’t look anywhere near as good as that. :slight_smile:

DMC is a feel good game… is easy to do stuff thats makes you look awsome… “and they said play DMC when you are down and thou frown was gone”

Why does the guy look a bit camp?

Really good though


You know…a bit fruity.

A bit :link:

a bit gay i think he means… not actually gay just looks it…

a bit harsh i think!