Just because he’s cool. :cool:

Very nice work, it’s amazing you actually draw that from scrath :thumb:

He’s in fact the only FF character I know by name…
don’t hurt me :frowning:


really kool…super good that is, yea. i like his hair…wish i had hair like that…:}

cool, but is he a he?
the face is very feminine

I agree with mcgiver. My first reaction was “thats a guy?”

aside from that - excellent job, as usual. :smiley:

Come on guys, like I said, I don’t know SQUAT (<–heh, get it? …k nevermind :sure: ) about FF, and even I figured out that was a guy =)

I will admit that he does like a bit… girly. :blush: I’m really not that good at drawing men that look like men. Except probably Vincent. And even then he can look feminine what with the long hair and all…

Maybe it’s the lips? They’re too pinky / red and it looks like the poor guy is wearing lipstick? :slight_smile:

OK, yeah. It’s the lips. I’ve altered the transparency on that layer and it makes him look more like a bloke. :slight_smile:

squall looks like a girl and is a girl compared to the ultimate Cloud and Zidane!!

but ne ways nice pic i wud do my art work but mi scaners bust and i aint to gud with line art in ps.

nice work.

good job… maybe try to give him a beard :wink:

I think what may have done that is the little flick things beside the eyes - it makes him look like he’s wearing eye make up of some description

Yeah, I see what you mean… It’s meant to be eyelashes / definition of teh eye, but is a bit dark. Maybe if I lightened that too…?

*Originally posted by Desire *
squall looks like a girl and is a girl compared to the ultimate Cloud and Zidane!!
I liked all three of the main characters, though Squall was more difficult to like at first since he was so stand-offish. :slight_smile:

But if I’m honest, they’re all beaten by Vincent from VII. :wink:

it is the jawline…it is usually a bit more square and flush with the neck which is also usually not that tapered. But I like your new style…still a very nice picture…Last time I played FF was 3. I believe.

hmm the cut doesnt seem to feel like its, “there.” I get the feeling like that is flat while he is curved, i dont know maybe its just me. Otherwise it looks great.

That’s cause it kinda is… :blush:

Though it’s on a separate layer in the psd, so I could probably add some shading round it to make it look more like part of the face… Thanks for the idea. :beam:

The jawline… Another good point. There’s not many pictures of him face on, it’s most 3/4 so the jaw is more defined. This is the best image I can find, and typically the chin is cut off. :sure: