Battle Of The Arts

[font=Arial Black][size=4][color=DeepSkyBlue]Battle Of The Arts[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial Black][size=3][color=DeepSkyBlue]Voting begins in November 1st.[/color][/size][/font][u][font=Arial Black][color=DeepSkyBlue]

[/color][/font][/u][font=Arial Black][size=3][color=DeepSkyBlue]**Rules - [/color][/size][/font]
- Rule 1: there are no rules. Anything goes, but the following.

  • There could be no racial, sexual, copyrighted, or just down right bad content in the presented entries.
  • There would be absolutely no ridiculing, diss’s, bash’s, whatever you want to call it, but just don’t discourage any of the work that has been submitted.
  • Kirupians are allowed to group up for projects.
  • Multiple entries are not allowed. Only one entry per category.

[font=Arial Black][color=DeepSkyBlue]Here are the categories that you could enter in.[/color][u][color=DeepSkyBlue]

[/color][/u][/font]**Web Design
2D/3D Animation
2D Stills
3D Stills
Vector Art

**There is going to be three additional awards that you could win,
[color=DeepSkyBlue]Best Implimented[/color] (Making the best of the programs that you have)
[color=DeepSkyBlue]Best Concept[/color] (The best idea, or thought. Something that makes think, or just plainly makes you go…w00t.)
[color=DeepSkyBlue]Best Of Show[/color] (The best overall work that has been entered.)

You could submit new work, or even old work that you have completed prior to this battle. And if someone has helped you in any way, please mention them, every bit counts you know.


Battle Of The Arts - It’s where all kirupians could enter their work and art. There are no limits to what you could do, there are no themes that you have to follow, and the best thing is, you’re not lomited to using specific programs. People could team up, and work on projects together. So just feel free to express yourself, and come up with the best piece of work imaginable.

but the most important thing is, [color=DeepSkyBlue]HAVE FUN!!!

[/color]**[font=Arial Black][color=DeepSkyBlue]Entry Form
**[font=Verdana][color=Black]Name Of Entry:
Program Used:
Expression: [size=1](what you try to express in the entry, meaning, concept, etc.)[/size]
Discription:[size=1] (anything extra that you might want to add, like, any comments, or anything that you want, like how you made it, where you got the idea, inspiration, etc.)[/size]



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