Be Aware : FLASH Is Not Multithreading

Be Aware!!!, There is a very big limitation in Flash and that is because it is not multithreading. Even when you have independent Timelines, no matter which one, if you stop by code any one of them in a Layer, or Depht or Level, the whole Flash Movie will stop.
For example if you code in a script a loop like for i = 0 to 1 < 2000000 i++, you will see your Flash Movie die for some seconds.
Of course it is incredible that macromedia does not advert anyone of such a limitation, and be sure that the first MSFlash will killl Flash just because multithreading is a must in multimedia.
For those who not know about multithreading, lets give and exmaple.
First you have a roating wheel movie in the library.
Then you add to the stage the wheel from first frame, and make it exist all along up to frame 200, for all that time the wheel will rotate in its own timeline, taht is, if you at frame 100 in the main time line place a stop(), ok, the movie will stop, but the will reamins rotating doesn´t it? yes.
But if in that frame you put a heavy AS code like the “for” loop countig up to 2000000, your wheel will be dead and every thing else in your Flash, and it should not if flash were multithreading, that is, playing the movie wheel timeline in its own thread. It woul be ok if the current Timeline stops takeing out of sync your movie, but not the other timelines,
So please, never mention again independent timelines, becasue they are not, at most call them multitasking timelines.

Excuse my english, but I really need comments on this.
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