BeamJive: Offbeat Server


Offbeat server provides a cost-effective solution for real-time
application development for Flash and Java

HELSINKI, Finland - September 27, 2004 - Beam Jive Consulting has
announced the Offbeat server for Java and Flash platforms. The Offbeat
server is the most cost-effective solution in the market today to create
real-time and collaboration applications.


The Offbeat server has been designed with simplicity in mind. Unlike
other Java socket servers in the market, Offbeat does not even need a
Java runtime installed on the host computer - A caching AOT Java
compiler and a traditional Windows installer has been included in the
package! This means that anyone with basic understanding of computers
can install and run the server.

The server is packed with tens of advanced features, such as database
connection pooling and object pooling. Client libraries for J2SE 1.4 and
Macromedia Flash MX 2004 are also provided.

The Offbeat server includes five fully functional demo applications with
full source code. The demos include applications for collaboration and
database access. The demos are a great way to get started with the
Offbeat development.


The Offbeat server is immediately available in three editions. The
Developer edition (limited to ten concurrent users) is available for
free at our website. The Pro edition (limited to 50 concurrent users) is
available for 230 EUR. The Enterprise edition (no limitations) is
available for 630 EUR. All prices are per company unit. Please find out
more at [color=#0000ff][/color].


Beam Jive Consulting is a privately owned software technology and
digital media company located in Finland. Our goal is to provide our
customers with stylish technical services.

Beam Jive Consulting is one of the biggest distributors of commercial
Flash components in the world with thousands of sold components.

You can see more on their site:


I’ve played around with Offbeat when it was still in beta, and I doubt I explored all features, but it did look very cool :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

Thanks Kirupa for posting the press release! Good to see that some people are interested in the product.

I designed and programmed most of the server and the clients myself, so I’m very interest in hearing some opinions about it. Please just download the dev edition and give it a shot :slight_smile:

Kaitsu - BJC

I think I’ll definatley be giving that a look!