Beautiful propaganda video - no polit discussion please

as the title says: no polit discussion please :slight_smile:
We have enough discussion threads in ordered, so if you wan’t to say something about it just refer to this thread.

This one is just dedicated to its style.
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holy craparooney :x

that IS nicely done…

wow, I really love that style. The animation and modeling is great. The symbolism is so obvious though that I wonder if it would truly be effective propaganda. By effective I mean able to sway the opinions of the undecided public without their conscious knowledge. Actually the whole clip is pure, open, symbolism. Interesting.

Wow…cant wait to open up the death camps :kommie:

But holy poo poo on a stick that was a beautiful well done movie.

Very nicely done. Does anyone know what program that was created with?

I guess a lot of Adobe after-effects to put that together
plus some stuff rendered in plasma or swift

cross my fingers it’s AE


actually it doesn’t look hard, just time consuming… very…

Michael Moore couldn’t touch this short with a ten foot pole… All of his hype, sensationalizing, juxtapositiong of clips and sound bites, and blatant fear-mongering looks like childs play when compared to this beautifully done piece of art that accurately describes the US war on terror for what it is: War-Corporatism…

By far the greatest politically-orientated movie-short i have ever scene…

Made me think of this video

wow flashfool, that video is hypnotizing… seriously guys, just watch and stare at it, I felt dizzy after the 600th “terrorist”…

I got a kick out of that. The funny thing is you could make the exact same movie with footage from the DNC :crazy:

A very well done video. Looks like stuff made by Shilo.