Beeping Awesome Concept Artist

I wish so badly I could draw like this guy:

Holy crap, that guys artwork is awesome

mental note to self:
must do portfolio…
must do portfolio…
must do portfolio…

It is an interesting question though. What body part are you design skills worth?

I’ve wen threw this guys whole portfolio know and i’m just amazied. I wish i had the skill to get what is in my head onto a piece of paper like this guy.

same. I would give up just about anything to have that kinda skill. He has a tutorial on his site about how to draw like him, and it kinda worked for me - there is just noticable differance - but it needs work. There is a guy who sits beside me in my math class who has a drawing style similar to this guy. He never really pays attention to the teacher, and draws all the time. I figure if I watch this guy draw I may pick up something (besides, my grade 8 teacher taught me more or less all of the grade 9 curriculum - so I feel like a prodigy seeing as how I know and can do everything. Better pick up some skills then waste my time.)

It’s okay Coppertop, you just gatta believe in yourself!
Believe in your heart, it’s the way to start!!