Before calling macromedia's support

hey… I’ll take the chance to say “hi everyone!”

ok… going back to the thread I’ve installed flash mx, fireworks mx and dreamweaver mx.
everything was fine until I realized that the other users in my computer were unable
to run the software!

a popup is displayed asking for the serial number… that’s not a problem…
obviously I’ve got them. but when you type the serials another popup appears with something like:
“the software can’t be executed. the serial number doesn’t match with the one at the registry (or some **** like that)”…

after pressing “ok” in the latest popup the **** program runs!!
so… after all the serial number does match with the one stored in the registry…

that’s so annoying! typing the serial number everytime that I or
anyone else wants to use the software is pissing me off…

any suggestions??
(I’d like solutions instead of suggestions… but a suggest will be just fine)

thanx in advance.

Well do you have a licensed version of the Macromedia Studio MX (assuming considering the program bundle) or is it the illegal version, if you downloaded a warez program then it may come with different serials, I would prefer if you are a student to use the educational store and buy Macromedia Studio MX for a big discount and you get all the extras (books, CD’s, ect.)! If you did buy it then I have no clue why it only works for one user and asks for the serial and it still doesn’t match the registry!

well… I’ll contact macromedia.
the software is not warez so I don’t know what the hell is wrong with it. :-\

by the way… thanx for replying dan.