Dissapointed with Macromedia

I now have the MX studio at my work… I am so dissapointed with macromedia and their latest products.

My rant first comes from all the bugs i have found in the MX suite. Dreamweaver MX has serval bugs ive ran into, which caused itself to crash etc. Flash MX has some bugs i do not like and so on…

What is up with software thats supposed to work great and then doesnt.?? I find it true more and more, that Macromedia is the Microsoft of the web application software biz. I feel that macromedia’s release of MX was very premature.

Even then, they should have patches out regularly! untill all issues are solved. sigh i dont know how much my oppinion matters , or if anyone is expirencing these bugs, but if i can break these software by just using it, how sad… lol =)

what bugs?

I dont spefically remember what i did, but i know that it was something simple in dreamweaver (like copy paste) that would give me an error (from dreamweaver…) and then crash… I havnet really touched Flash MX because im fearing the same types of bugs…

ANd ive tried to contact macromedia several times, but are unable to get thru, and i Will not pay for technical support!!.

anyway =) if no one has any problems, great, just tell me how i can use it without problems…

I’ve been “using” dreamweaver MX for some simple ass stuff recently… no errors there…

And I haven’t run into any bugs in flash MX either… yet… :o

Why do all my Threads that i start, Die very quickly… =(

Well actually I agree with Eilsoe on that one. I use both Dreamweaver MX and Flash MX, and I haven’t had any bugs in either of them.

I use them both very often for both heavy duty work and some light coding, so hmm. Maybe its your system at work?

I’ve been very happy with MX and have only seen one bug in Flash MX. I am, however, dissapointed with Macromedia because they just realeased a bunch of components, but they want to sell them for 99.00 dollars. I think that is an outrage. We purchase the product, we stay current with product versions, we participate in forums that promote the product, etc… and they still want me to pay another 99.00 dollars for components? That is outrageous and I just won’t do it.

whew! I feel better now.

I haven’t found any bugs yet but that 99$ for a component is pretty much…
I’d just learn some heavy actionscript and make my own stuff instead of using components…
I have never used a component in my life (in flash).
But I like the layout in flash mx!

I love the layouts in Flash MX and, actually, that is where the bug is. It seems that it doesnt like switching from one layout style to another (not always). I switch from one of my own layouts to the developer layout, which is awesome for coding.

Well, there are a few bugs in Flash MX, but most of them have been identified and solved by better flashers than us poor people.

And that component thing is outrageaous. Flash is one of the few communities where open source really works, and MM seems to be willing to change that… :scream:

Hmm, I wonder where these bugs are, I can’t seem to find them :-\ , but I haven’t explored every crevice of Flash (not even close), so that could most definitely be why.

That component thing is nuts! $99.00 for some components? What do these components do that make them think they can charge that much (or charge at all) for them?

And big software companies wonder why there software gets ripped off all the time. Mabye it they weren’t ass raping us on the prices they wouldnlt get ripped off so much. I have no problem buying a good peice of software but make it afordable for everyone. $99.00 for some componets. Thats about as bad as the Microsoft XP Plus pack. That should have been giving for free just for shelling out the $500 price tag for the software.

When Macromedia merged with Allaire, I noticed a drastic change in attitude from my connections with Macromedia…

I figured that it was just because they had discontinued Generator (most of my contacts were on the Generator team, but were going to stay on). I guess not…since all of them are now gone…

I am going to start attending the SF Macromedia Users Forum (they meet @ Macromedia HQ every month) just to hear what everybody else is saying:cyclops:

If more people have this same opinion I think Macromedia needs to hear it:cowboy: :goatee:


well i sure hope they fix some of these little bugs only a few of us can identify with =) However, im having the most problems in Dreamweaver MX, I know its not flash related, but i use it at work and dont like it …

anyway, well im glad that most of the world can use MX studio, or Flash mx just fine =)

im very crittical when it comes to application useablilty on the programming side =)

[SIZE=1]no probs here! been using em for months.