Before i go any further

ok close your eyes and imagine… almost all in 3d… move to computer to view websites, and graphics… for loading this scene, computer boots… for video, move to tv… for loading tv turns on? for resume… move to printer or something, maybe something from the computer that you click then it moves to the printer and prints a resume… nice scenery in the window that changes or something… and maybe i should add a phone for contact or something… anyone have any bright ideas?

thats gonna be ALOT of work…nice idea though.

Love the idea. I think it would be worth the work. but, just basing it on a normal room could be a little bland. I havent really got any better ideas, but there must be something more visually appealing than a simple room…?

i was also thinking like a design studio with a plotter and drawing table and what not, but realistically i do most my work… and it will be a portfolio about me… so i dont know… im 70-30 on keepin it this room

Although i do think something else would be better, that room does look really cool, as in as cool as it could be. Using that would be no bad thing!

keep going further?

if you want my critique:

i dont like those clouds in the window, the idea is great, but the clouds are bad, get better clouds.

maybe u could randomly colorize some objects (i.e. plants, or that pot)

the font of the menu/nav is too bland, and it should stand out more.

nice job, and nice execution

my worry is that it’ll stay that size and be real small for big reses and be awquard and such… I’m not sure what you could do about this, but possibly allow it to resize, or center it with a really wicked (fun word :D) edge

good ideas… i just started today so i got a lot of work ahead… also… for branding my name… where do you think i should put it? and whos got some nice clouds to send me? or maybe a mountain with birds flyin around… maybe a nakid window washer haha

I got some headway here… more that gets done more im not sure how i wanna execute this thing… all i got so far is the web part working… multimedia->web… what do you think? what should i do about the computer background? maybe give it a solid color like i did the walls? im gonna ditch that arrow that is moving also… let me know if you run into any bugs also… thanks much