Creativity runnin on fumes HELP!

[font=verdana,arial,helvetica][size=1] [/size][/font]i need some creative ideas… i got multimedia done… i need ideas for about contact and credentials… i tried using a pda for contact. but i think im gonna try a phone caller id window instead… the other two i got no idea… you got any? thanks
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how about a rolodex on the desk for contact and a diploma on the wall for credentials.

good idea!

that is such a cool website!
only thing, when the media portfolio thing comes up on the screen, please try use a different font than times. the eurostile font really works on the rest of the site, so you should use that.

and for the contacts…use the rolodex idea, very proffesional!

oh, and the clouds dont fit with the rest of the site.

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yes ive had complaints about the clouds… for now they are gonna have to wait till i finish the site… thanks for the font suggestion, i need to standardize the font through the site… ive been using the microsoft sans. Also i dont know if i like the zoom in of the different things… ie comp screen, printer and such… would it be overkill to draw them in also… like 3 seconds for each when selected? or would that be annoying? i havent even thought about adding sounds yet… you think just simple sounds, or music in the background? thanks for your help!

i love those zooms! it is your site, but they really enhance the 3d effect of the site.

for music, maybe shove in a little boom box/cd player of some sort, and have a little on/off button on it.

thanks ruski… i guess ill keep em for now… im gonna tweak the printer one tho and chenge the colors in that scene… im not feelin it. as soon as i get that rolodex and diploma done ill re link for review…

ok… everybody seems to have zoom ability but me… I just see a plain image, I can’t click on anything…

edit: oh figured it out! I thik you should be able to click on the item to get it to zoom in from the outside :wink:

if i enabed the user to click the computer for instance… i would have to have another menu for them to choose web or graphics because i have them as two seperate movies right now… not sure if i wanna add work when im not even finished… i see how it might be confusing and consider it tho, thanks!

ok rolodex is up… nothing special but it works for now
lemme know what ya think

The menu doesn’t work at all for me. I click the sections, the screen goes white and comes back up on the mainpage.
If you have the navigation in a seperate movie, you could just put invisable buttons on the items to click to the sections as well. I think this would be a useful feature to invest your time on. Ecspecially since it’s all based around the room. It would help to give that right feel.

about and credentials dont work.

haha, look at that! I guess I only clicked on those two. looks sheepish

Now that I’ve seen more, perhaps use a mask instead of a fade for transitions. The large fade seems to bog down quite a few computers. I’ve had many clients complain on similar large scale fades.

[size=1]edit:poor wording[/size]

thanks guys i agree about the fade… i think im gonna try a 3 second draw in for the comp printer tv etc maybe… just to finish off the feel, only problem i feel is if you want to return to something it is gonna draw in again… we’ll see ill be working on it all day so ill have something new up later