*begging* Soccer stadium / stadion?

Hello all and everyone.

I am currently working on a “match center” that lets you whitness the progress of a soccer game (aimed at the federal league in germany and later going to be adjusted for the word championship), based on commentaries coming from XML files but that’s not the point of my post.

The thing is, there are 2 modes, one is a conference where you see a general commentary about all games that are currently on… and the other is a “single game detail” commentary.

I already have a relatively nice still scenery for the backdrop of that, built from standard flash boxes and circles, etc… but for the conference, I have no graphics at all- it’s just tables and text (and that’s rather boring)…

So I thought it would be great if there was a stilized wireframe model of a stadium rotating in an area of about 100 x 100 pixels on screen, just for an eye-candy… how would that best be done?

I’m working on this relatively non-profit-ly… so I don’t have the means to buy Swift3D myself or pay (much) for a model… the thing is, it’s going to be small and you won’t even see the inside of it while it rotates so it doesn’t have to be high detail with all the seats modeled or anything…

All that I could find were 3DS / MAX models of a whole stadium, ranging far above 100 US$ which is… well- far above my funds.

Any ideas or willingness to help? Once this thing is up it will be freely availiable on the page “www.sportal.de” so they are not really “selling” it either… but maybe I can make a deal with them for any of you willing to participate so that you get something out of it…

I mean- I’ll implement an info-screen / “about”-page that will feature the names of everyone who worked on it / supplied material (including people who supply models)… maybe there’s some fame coming from it, since alot of people will see it since it’ll be free :smiley:

Thanks in advance for your help / ideas / support- and for reading this!