The reason for all my previous inquiring posts on here

…is finally going to hit “public beta” stage.

It’s in german so I apologize to those of you that can’t really in any way benefit from the information on the page. The application will be launched on saturday (for the german federal soccer championship game(s) on saturday and sunday).

It’s a tool that reads various XML files and displays data accordingly… the commentary / conference, the statistics, the teamnames and all… even the colors of the whole thing are adjustable / customizable through an ini-file. It’s my first “bigger than usual” shot at flash and I’m still working on it but I’m curious about reactions :slight_smile:

Here’s the link:

If you’ve read some of my previous posts on this forum, you might’ve heard about me struggling with the whole application getting slow with time but I am working on eradicating that :slight_smile: Basically, as it is now, the whole thing slows to a crawl after several minutes if you stay in a single game (the one with the team logos and the “stadium view” in the background).

Stay tuned- oh- and give me your feedback- thanks! :slight_smile: