Beginner! please help

[font=verdana, arial, helvetica][size=2]I am building a website in flash. I have a movie clip that I want to play when I change pages (for example: it is a picture that I have put on the home page and I want it to fade out when I go to another page on the website) what do I do??[/size][/font]

i’m assuming that your website is composed of html pages correct? are you using flash buttons for navigation?

is so;

give your movie clip (the one with the picture that fades out) an instance name.
here i call it “shorty.” then make a stop frame (a keyframe with a stop; in it) and the next frame after the stop frame give a frame label. Here I label it “playframe”. Then on the very last frame of the movie clip put a keyframe with your geturl actionscript to load the html page. That way the picture will fade and the movie clip will load the html page only after it’s played.

then on the button that loads a different html page put some AS code like this:

on (release) {_root.shorty.gotoAndPlay(“playframe”);