Scene help in flash

[font=verdana, arial, helvetica][size=2]I am building a website in flash. I have a movie clip that I want to play when I change scenes (for example: it is a picture that I have put on the home page and I want it to fade out when I go to the about page) what do I do??[/size][/font]

well you can either do it the easy way and make a motion tween. with the alpha set to 100 when you want it seen and the alpha set to 0 when you dont want it seen.

or you can do it like a movie clip with code.

just put this code on the movie clip on the frame you want it to start fading out at.

onClipEvent(enterFrame) {
_alpha -= 5;
if (this._alpha <= 0) {
change the alpha setting to a higher number if you want it to fade faster. and that other stuff is just so you dont have a movie clip laying around doing nothing

oh but its way easier and i would rather use the motion tween myself.

I have the motion tween set and it works fine but I don’t want the movie clip to play (picture to fade out) until I click on another button to go to a different page. Does that make sense??

use a stop() action on the first frame then on the buttons place a
on (release) {