Beginning a portfolio site

beginnings of a portfolio site… be gentle

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hm…i guess those were debugging messages i came across (Music Plays). I was waiting for something, then I noticed the construction or whatever on the bottom.

Otherwise, it looks good to me.

Waiting for data … hinthint :wink:

It takes way to long to load (for me)

[EDIT] Still waiting … [/EDIT]

its nice, but the text is a little small for me…

on the start the fonts where really ugly. later tho it turned ok.

yeah, i’ll go back and break everything up, also, there’s no data, that’s why it says, beginning :wink: hint, hint

Oaah, THAT’S why … :stuck_out_tongue: stops waiting :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet! :p:

I like the layout, but the sound effects don’t really fit in. As a matter of fact, they get annoying after awhile. =)

yeah, i was just lazy and picked the first half-way decent thing, I’ve been just trying to get something done in the limited amt of time that I have, plus the ****ing power spply on my cpu clipped out and I had to replace it this a.m. so I haven’t had any time.

lol it took me a long to relize that i click the “a”. i thought it was an intor with the dude swimming on the screen. “i’m slow when theres no school. school gets me alert” but after that the site was very good. i feel its to small but everything is small on my 1280x1024 screen. but w/e. great job :thumb:

the text gives me so much trouble

Any ideas on what to do from this point?
Menu, etc…

the main display will most likely be loaded into the right hand pane like in V’s tut on this site. I know the oct’s in the menu suck but I’ll change that soon enough.

Be critical while I’m still working on this thing PLEASE!!!

Portfolio site Under Construction