Being killed by a movieclip and button

Hey out there, new to this forum.
I’ve got what is propabply a simple quest. to most of you, but it’s killing me. On my root timeline in flash mx i have about 5 frames. In each frame i’m putting a movie clip.

Now in each movieclip’s internal timeline there is a forward and backward button. What i want is the user to hit the ‘forward’ button, say, and load the next movieclip, but i can’t figure out how to do that from these 2 books i have and numerous online tutorials. Nothing seems to specifically address how you tie movieclips together using a button.

I tried this script in the button in the first MC located on frame one…


hoping that when i went back to the root timeline, hit test movie, the movieclip in frame 1 would automatically start playing, and then when it came to the end and the button appeared, I’d hit that button and it would load the MC in frame 2…

Instead what i go on test movie was a flickering mess.

If someone would, would you please explain to me in painful detail how you use a button in one MC timeline to load in another MC?





btw Welcome to kirupaforum=)