MX 2004 - randomly loading movie clips (help meh)

I need to make something that mimicks The Dancer over at

I’ve created all the movie clips
but I don’t know where to start with the loading and unloading of the dancing bits

The buttons at the bottom scroll through movie clips with different movement. So the “arms” button would load arms01, then when it’s clicked again, it would load arms02, clicked again it would load arms03, and then repeat when it reached the end

Can anyone help me with the actionscript that would reside on each button?


alright so I’ve thought up a different way to go about this (but still stuck):

I have a movie clip, with other movie clips nested inside of them. All the arms, bodies, and legs in their own movie clip and have the nested options for the body parts inside.

I need the button to move the playhead down the timeline to the different movie clips nested inside. Once the last MC (end of the timeline) is played, I need it to go back to the first MC (beginning of the timeline).

Can anyone help me with an example of the actionscript that would go on a button?

so I tried a simple gotoandStop(“frame label”) but that doesn’t really work
It goes to the next frame, but I need it to move down the timeline atleast five times

click - mc one to mc two - click - mc two to mc three - click - mc three to mc four… click - mc five BACK to mc one

is this really possible on a button? or do I need to make a movie clip to mimic a button?