Bending Appearance

Hmmm, well i dont quite know how to descibe it and I can’t currently find any site that has an example but…

  • How do you tween something to appear to be ‘bending’ into shape. For instance a box grows into the foreground and appears to form into box shape bouncing back from a distorted shape. *

LOL…Does anyone know what this crazy girl means…?

~ Seretha

Shape Tweens :wink:

Are there any on Kirupa or am I just blind? Sorry sweetie but I just can’t seem to see any here. But if I HAVE to I guess I’ll wander onto someone elses site to see how to do it.

:love: :wink:

Heres a tutorial at flashkit on shape tweens a motion paths…

and another…

wha…uh…hmmm… i just finished a quick overlay of shape tweens…wow. that was simple and quick. I’m going to go try that tutorial you just gave me but, well, let’s just say this just opened so many more doors…thanks beta.

No problem Seretha. I am not an animator or anything, but I do know that if you are getting into that, motion tweens, shape tweens, motion guides and masking are all things you have to learn to use and master.