Best directory to store app data and settings on Windows8 / 8.1 / Windows10

I have an AIR app which under certain conditions fails to save data on the users PC. The current folder I am using is the AppData\Roaming folder however I am trying to find the reason why on certain PC’s the App doesn’t save into a particular folder inside AppData\Roaming.

Is that folder not writable by an App on Windows8 / 8.1 and above? Does it have any permissions associated with it. I have checked an one PC and even UAC was off but still the App couldn’t write to that directory.

Is there a folder on Windows 8 / 8.1 and above where I can save my applications data and settings for sure?

If you try saving to AppData\Local, does that work better?


Not tried it yet, but do you think the roaming folder has any issues? Will try the local folder though…

I only receive notices of these postings in a weekly summary and see that you asked your question almost a week ago, so probably you already have your answer. But, if not, I am actually a bit surprised to see kirupa’s recommendation,since his credentials are far superior to mine.

What I would say is that the way you have phrased the question suggests that you are using an absolute URL or Native Path with File to open a directory into which you wish to save state. The File API provides support for some special URL protocols which are – in my experience – guaranteed to give you access to the preferred location for such content, irrespective of OS or OS release: File.applicationStorageDirectory.

I don’t know why a user would set permissions on that sub-directory that would prevent creating of a new file there, or modifying an existing one, but, if they did, your application would get status telling you that and you could use a dialog to let such a paranoid person choose an alternative location. Using any sort of file:// url with an absolute path, or a Native Path string to the same effect, causes you to have to write protective code based on Windows versus Mac OS Sierra, so I think the opaque solution built into AIR is a better one.

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