Best of Senocular

theres a really good 3d tutorial on (how i made my footer)… kirupa do you link to other peoples tutes on this site or would you rather have your own? could save sen some time… heh

Sen’s tutorial, from what i saw so far, gets much more in-depth than bit-101’s tutorial =)

ya sorry i hadnt really checked it out much before i posted… didnt realize how in depth he got with it… i assumed it was a basic 3d type thing

it seems like that thread on can be broken up into like 3 or 4 tutes almost… like a basic 3d rotation like on bit-101… then a mouse responsive one… and like one with 3d movement dealing with the focal point and all that…and rotating the points and being able to move them like on… i dunno but if you had only 1 tute for that it would be very very long if you want to cover everything in that thread[/edit]

i’d buy the book too ^^

Four Words: Your f*ing amazing Senocular :smiley:

hey senocular can i download your knowledge of flash and upload it into my brain?

Im working on a fla that will allow for that. Ill let you know when a beta is available :smiley:

lol ALRIGHT sweet

read through 1/4 of the list… gonna finish the whole bible soon

senocular :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
… i think this thread must put in the TOP of Flash MX i saw it by luck because there are a lot of people don’t enter Flash forums so i don’t know how to tell all the Kirupains there is a treasure in the Kirupa :slight_smile: :slight_smile: .