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Here are a lot of the more well put and explanatory threads Ive been involved with over the years. There are a lot more over in WH but their new site blows and the search is a pain to use, so I probably wont be posting much from there :wink: otherwise they come from all over the place.

Determining the side being viewed for a 3D movie clip (FP10+)

[size=4]General (AS3)[/size]
ByteArray (BitmapData.getPixels, corrupting/uncorrupting SWF data)

bitwise NOT operator

AS3 Tip of the Day

[size=4]General (AS1/AS2)[/size]
Deforming objects with triangles

Oddities in Removing Components

The Color Object

Associative Array Referencing

"Soft" References with MovieClips

Relative and Absolute as in Referencing

Random Numbers



Use of switch

Movieclips in Buttons

Back and Forth in Arrays

Hex colors as/from RGB

How || operates

QT VRObject in Flash


"How Actionscript Thinks" (an attempt at least ;))

Intro to XML and editing it in Flash

Trigonometry and rotating a 2D vector

3D in Flash

enterFrame event

Tricks of the Trade

Flash to Director (and Director’s “me”)

EventDispatcher vs AsBroadcaster

Accessing a Movie Clip’s Frame Code When it First Appears on Stage

[size=4]OOP (AS 1.0)[/size]
import and classpath

What prototypes are

Inheritance among Classes (see comments)

Movieclips Inheriting from Classes

proto etc. (in depth)

addProperty and prototypes

Multiple Inheritance Workaround Using __resolve


Movieclips in Objects

prototype vs _global

init and apply for classes

OOP “creatures” exercise

Small thing about ASBroadcaster with all Instances of class

Also, a little less AS oriented, and more Flash MX in general is:
Flash MX, The Things You Might Have Missed

MXP and Packaging Components

Im doing this before I forget them :slight_smile: though Im sure there is some gold out there which has long since been wiped clean of my memory. Ill try to keep future good’uns posted here and add any I might recall from the past that are not already included.

wow sen… can we sticky this? =)

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    sen thnx a lot, especially for the protos and super() function =)

All this should be tutorialized!

You rock sen :!:

I agree with Ilyas, you should let Kirupa add these to his main site as tutorials =)

I really thought I had more out there on the basics of prototypes :-\ I couldnt find any though. Probably all in WH :sigh: Maybe Ill spout something out on DPs prototype thread and add it to the list here…

and anyone is welcome to tutorialize any of these, Im just too lazy (or dont have the time, or dont feel like I have the time) :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support, Lost :slight_smile:

Ya hear, Sen? Stop ****in around, and get some work done, dammit!!

Sen: Awww come on!!! You gotta convert these to actual tutorials =)

Your OOP stuff is going to help me a lot… I hope.

lol… well can’t WE tutorialize those threads instead of getting sen to do it =)

Sure WE can =)

I am going on vacation tomorrow though… well… just for a weekend so I can work on some when I get back.

the iso one I figured Id do. Thats a biggie. And I was thinking about a 3D tut too. Other than that its a matter or linking to posts =)

Sen I hate you, but then again I like you too much, but then again I hate you too much to like you, but then again…

Nevermind, you’re awesome! Wanna trade brains? :stuck_out_tongue:

Really cool Sen, and you ought to write about watchers, I really find them useful. :slight_smile:

By the way Sen, do you mind if you write another “explanatory thread” about bitwise operators? I found out they are pretty much useful with colour transformation. I searched for some info though, but there weren’t really good explanations around that scope. :-\

oooh I have one floating around on watchers, I think on, Ill go dig that up.

I can do one on bitwise too. The little color one on wh is probably the closest thing I have on here on them so far :-\ (lol though it explains absolutely nothing about them) Ill get around to doing one sooner or later :wink:

*Originally posted by senocular *
**and anyone is welcome to tutorialize any of these, Im just too lazy (or dont have the time, or dont feel like I have the time) :slight_smile: **

I’ll start on tutorializing them in a few mins :slight_smile:

One thing though: all the posts about OOP are really interesting, but they don’t really make sense taken one by one. What I mean to say is this: it would be awesome if you could take all those posts, and rearrange them into a big tutorial :beam: [size=1]if it’s not too much to ask[/size]

yeah… after the 3d tutorial… after the iso tutorial… and after the bitwise tutorial :hangover:

*Originally posted by senocular *
**yeah… after the 3d tutorial… after the iso tutorial… and after the bitwise tutorial :hangover: **

:stuck_out_tongue: i can help you with that (bitwise operations).

Wow thor, you’re so hot! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah Pom - I’ll try to arrange them in a way where they make sense :wink: