Best Photoshop Plugin Filters

Hi All,

I have been using Photoshop for a couple months now and was wondering what your thoughts are on the best 3rd party plugins. So far EyeCandy has been the best for me.

flaming pear (set)…Knoll Light Factory is a must…If you can get your hands on Genesis V2 you can take your designs to the next level…KPT5 and 6…there are many also alien skin…What are you trying to do??

KPT 7 is pretty good. and all the above mentioned.

Definitiely flaming pear plug-ins…

Nice site pretty interresting

if you can get your hands on genesis v2 (which is very rare these days) Mix that with knoll light factory and man oh man!!!

Thanks all,

anymore. i think i have enough to consider, but more is better. i mainly am trying to develop stunning background, interface, and navigation type elements for the web. i am humbled everytime i visit the sites of others.

Aeh, what was the name again… hm Sinedots is kinda fun…

get the second tho. and Macs remove white

the only ones I use that is not mentioned above, is Image Doctor by Alien Skin. It allows me to “correct” jpegs with artifacts/scratches/bad spots in them quickly.