Best Video Results beginning with FLA ... eventually resulting in FLV

Hello All,

My goal is to implement what would appear to be a video animation on my site. My first attempt was by way of a loader component pulling an external SWF (roughly 2MB in size). I had impremented a preloader so the loading wasn’t an issue. The issue arose during playback … it was extremely ‘jerky’ and it didn’t play smooth … like the original SWF.

So I’ve chosen to go a different route … FLV. Please keep in mind the animation that I want to play contains no sound and consists of a series of over 150 PNG images, pulled into Flash (resulting in over a 300 frame FLA). To this point, I’ve exported to MOV (producing an amazingly high quality video) then used the Flash 8 Video Encoder (with the following settings: Flash 8 - High Quality (700kbps), Video codec: On2 VP6, Quality: HIGH) to produce an FLV. The resulting FLV file quality is terrible.

The MOV file is just under 20MB and the resulting FLV is just under 1MB. I’m very disappointed with the video quality. As mentioned above, the original images are high quality PNG files … the MOV file produced looked great, but the FLV appears to contain extremely LOW res images. Would you guys have any suggestions to attain better results?

Thanks in advance for your help.