Best way of running PowerPoint presentation with AS 3.0

How can I load a powerpoint presentation and run it with AS 3.0. Which is the best way? What should I do? Please help :slight_smile:

That really depends on how much you know about AS3. If you’re not too experienced, you probably mean “how do I show a powerpoint presentation with Flash”. That’s simple enough, but dynamically loading a powerpoint with AS3 would be quite a project. If you want the second one, I’d suggest searching “AS3 powerpoint loader class” or something similar to see if somebody’s already made a class for loading powerpoints. If they haven’t, it’s probably not possible.
If you just want to play a powerpoint in flash, just ask and I’ll tell you how.

You can insert Flash movies inside PowerPoint, but actually inserting PowerPoint within / converting PowerPoint to a Flash file is not possible.

If you’re a Windows programmer, you could write an external interface to control a PowerPoint presentation running inside PowerPoint from a separate Flash app.

If all you want to do is launch a PowerPoint presentation file from within Flash, you could load it as a URL as you would for a web page.

There are programs out there which will convert a Powerpoint presentation into a Flash movie. Google ‘powerpoint to flash’ or something similar.

Conversion, yes, but direct insertion, no.

You can’t convert to .swf and then load that .swf into your main movie?

Not something I’ve ever needed to do. Just wondering if it’s possible.

10x for the answers. I will search and try these advices :slight_smile: 10x again :slight_smile:

This might help you