Launch external Powerpoint presentation using AS 2.0?

I was just wondering whether to headbutt the wall, or share my dilemma… Ok, here goes:

In older versions of Flash (eg; MX, publishing as AS1.0), the following script would allow me to launch a Powerpoint ‘.pps file’:

on (release) {

Displaying the movie in a browser, with a .swf file inside an .html page (running from a local disk or USB-Key), the presentation would load directly to fullscreen - perfect!

Then along came the wonderful Flash 8 Pro! Tons of great stuff now available, but now the same link loads the presentation into the browser. Not so great! Hitting the back button reverts the movie to the initial intro sequence. So, I tried loading it into a “_blank” page. Good, but toolbars everywhere. So I figured I’d try loading a page that fills the screen, then redirects to the powerpoint - but it’s all too ■■■■■■ messy, especially considering it worked perfectly before!!!

So, I tried another angle:

on (release) {
fscommand (“exec”, “powerpoint.pps”);

Alas, no joy there either. Either it’s a mess, or it’s a mess. Bad.

So, anyone have any suggestions? Whenever I try to load a sized external .html pop-up, I always seem to end up with pages that don’t load properly… if someone has a script that would load an external .html page without toolbars etc. - and a reliable one at that - please let me know! Better yet, a script that will load the freakin’ Powerpoint file so it can load itself fullscreen over the top of the browser, so when it’s closed, everything is as it was on the last click!!!

“two steps forward, one step back?”