Best way to have Music

Hey what would you guys say is the best way to have music in a flash site?!

Have it in it’s own swf and load it in with a preloader?

Have it on the main movie but just keep it small and preload it?

I just want to keep the file size for downloading the site very very low and wanna make it as quick as possible for people to view the site! Any ideas?! :pa:

The best way is to have it externally loaded as you are doing it.
that way the site opens and the music loads while the viewers are cheking your site.

Yeah that’s what I wanna do…I don’t have it like that yet.

Do I make everything in an swf? :-\

Just place a song file in a swf of its own and set it to start so when you load it in, it will play on it’s own.

Hey EG could you help me with my prob :puzzle: :puzzle:
is in the flash mx forum "endless menu problem"
thanks. ( i posted here because i noticed that you just answerd this question)

But would it be best to have the “Music player” in it’s own swf then preload the songs on their own swfs into the “Music Player.swf”?? :pa:

That’s up to you, I would have the player be part of the main.swf.

But then how do I get the preloader to work?

It won’t work right if I have the preloader on the timeline…:q:

You can place the preloader on the main movie or you can place it into the external swf with the song file.

It depends on how your setup is.

But what I am asking is how do I do it? I don’t know where to start… I want to have one like urs with the Audio Loader and the stop and play buttons and all that. And I want to be able to have multiple tracks I can load…

Can someone just explain how I do this. I have no idea and just someone to walk me through it… :thumb: Thanks.

Anyone?! Come on someone has to know…:-\

Hey BS

I have a music player that loads mp3’s externally. I stream them due to copyright. I have reduced the files to 40kbs mono files.
go to mp3
If that will help you out let me know