Best way to load text dynamically and transition beteween those external SWFs?

Hey y’all, i’m working on a site that will be primarily text content loaded from external text or html files (could do either). What i’d like to do is set things up so that there’s a preloader for the loaded SWF, which then displays the external text content, then has some sort of fade transition when a button is clicked to load a section.

There’s tons of different ways to load text, I found one easy way in CS3 and was planning to use that with the transitions tutorials on kirupa but one of them broke the other and it ended up as a bit of a mess.

any ideas on the best way to load in the text, ideally that could have CSS applied to it, and then how to transition between those loaded SWFs? I’m in CS3 but i’d ideally like an AS 2.0 solution as my nav is already built with buttons/scripting/etc. thanks.