Problem pre-loading external swf


I have already been stuck a few times on the project I am working on & have had help from some nice people on these boards so I hope you can help again! :puzzled:

Basically, I am dynamically loading the page content into the main swf for each page. This works fine. The problem is, within the page content swf I want to do the following…

load the text (but make it invisible for just now)
load an external transition swf (to uncover/mask off the text)
figure out when the transition is fully loaded
tell the textbox to become visible again
play the loaded transition
play title animation on next frame

I have no idea why its not working!! Please can someone help? I would really appreciate it! I have attached the problem swf & 2 transtions to show you my code! Ive not bothered to attach the main swf that this will all be loaded into as it didnt seem relevant, but the background is blue which is why the uncover/mask transition is blue (just incase that confused anyone!)

Thank you in advance!! :slight_smile:

Jen :slight_smile: