Best way to string .jpg's?

If I wanted to put something together where a whole bunch of .jpg’s together to make a video file “.mov”, what program should I use to do it? I was thinking either Flash or Premiere.

Also, this isn’t a slide show. The pictures will only be on screen for a 30th of a second or so.

I know that in AE you can import a sequence of images and turn it into a movie…

Flash its a good option, as mlk said AE too; dont know about premiere.

Remember if ur going to export ur .mov in flash to export it as Flash 4 version or less, in 5 or 6 doesnt work, dont ask me why.

How exactly can I do that?

(regarding mlk’s post)

there’s a free prog called fast movie processor for that

ImageReady can this also, one of many methods is to simply have
tghe appropriate images in a folder, open ImageReady, goto ‘File/Imort/Folder As Frames’. (Best that the images are the same size for consistancy)

ImageReady will proceed to add each image per frame in tha Animation Window.
Tweak the animation as per other palaette options, in your case particularly the time delay in between frames.

Once tweaked to your liking, File,‘Save’, to save the native .psd file.
Then ‘File/Export/Original Document’, and from ‘Save As Type’ list choose QuickTime. Choose your desired compression and codec options at the next prompt, then done.

hope that helps