BEST WINDOWS & WHY (no linux , mac talk plz)

Lets have a discussion on windows platform only, i think it will help the viewer to chose the best operating system and for us to learn more about the platform we work on.

Plz give the reaoson for your vote.

I chose windows 2000 professional becoz i think it’s stable and more reliable then XP, i works better with slower computers too.I have heard windows 2000 prostrate in front of viruses.

98 is ok but hangs toomuch, sply explorer.One good thing about 98 is it’s compatibility with almost all the softwares out there…softwares and utilities.

I hope Longhorn will be better :ogre:

Ich. Longhorn. I’m not going to touch that with a 49ft long wooden pole.

M$ can live with that :wink: They have probably already covered all the costs thanx to corporate clients…

I liked XP Pro before, but I lost my CD so now I’m back on 2000 Pro which I have grown new love for. Even with the many services disabled in XP, games and programs aren’t using their full power. I’ve been playing a lot more new games on 2000 than XP, they simply do better on 2000. Sure XP has all the graphical stuff for old granny to learn on, but for the true designer, 2000 is the way to go.

Would have chosen NT if available but as XP is mostly NT then I have to go with that. Apart from needing 64 Mb Graphics for the astheticly please interface

Wow, i’m surprised of all the Windows 2000 talk. It was my choice as well. I am really disappointed with XP. I mean, I do use it now, but in the past, 2000 has always been my preference. I have and would try 2003 Server, but I hear it has some compatibility issues with some of my hardware.

I guess I could say I hate the schemes Microsoft implemented with XP. It looks so stupid, especially that default background. I might even think of uninstalling XP and installing 2000 back on my computer. 2000 was great way back when I ran dual processors. It was great because you could tell certain processes to go to a specific processor; i’m not sure if XP has a similar feature.

I’m using XP now but I’m probably going to go back to 2k as soon as I can(I’m using it as a testing machine for work so I need XP for now :puzzle: )
I think SP2 is coming out soon for XP, we’ll have to see how that looks.

My biggest problem with XP is how slow it boots and shuts down
My notebook with 2000 (P3 500 mhz with 256mb ram) loads and shuts down faster than my desktop with XP(2.25 ghz athlon xp with 512 mb ram):h:

SP2 will focus on security mainly. It’s currently in beta stage right now. Microsoft will attempt to upgrade the integrated ‘firewall’ in XP, and also minor adjustments to make your computer more ‘secure’. I say it’s pointless.

Startup and shutdown time was dramatically increased in XP. Especially the startup. With the new GUI for XP, your computer takes much longer than a less GUI version as on 2000. I think if you disable most of the services in XP, you may increase your performance. But I never noticed much when I used it.

I signed up to be a beta tester for sp2 but haven’t done anything yet. Doesn’t look very impressive, though.

I’m pretty sure my slow boot problem has something to do with network drivers. I ran bootvis and there is a big delay on one driver and nothing else running. I’ll fix it one of these days if I get around to it, or just never re-boot.