Business and Beds

Interetsing topic but anyways…

Been busy lately working with a new client… He’s been wanting me to hook up his company with like… 25 new computers… CAT5 networking… DSL connections and all this other bullcrap… The computers came in… ALl with Win 98 on it and the guy wnatd XP… So now I have to go and get 25 licenses from microsoft for upgrading to Xp and do it to each and every one of them…

Phew… I still have a good bit of work to do this week and next so I’ll be busy…

Beds? Well I haven’t seen mine lately? Have you guys?



Well first off - congrats on the work!

Second of all - ■■■■. That’s a lot of formatting and re-installing!

did i hear mention of beds?? i would like some sleep now…i’ve got 2 exams 2morrow…and i dind’t even do my essay…

wait, lemme get this straight… He was able to get computers that didn’t have XP on them, and he wants you to Change it to XP?

I am shocked, as i absolutely hate XP, and their ■■■■ error message fiasco, among other things…

Phil - ever heard of backing up your files?

xp sucks :x:

win2000 is the best option on m$ softwares (or win98).

yeah I run win98SE. One of the most stable OS out there… 2000 is pretty good too. ME was crap. XP pro can be good if you treat it right, but if I could get 98SE for free…why would I pay extra for XP? especially when I hate the way it looks…

the look of the XP is a copy of the Mac OS design…

bad M$ ! :stuck_out_tongue:

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**Phil - ever heard of backing up your files? **


:beam: :beam: :beam: :whistle: :whistle:




I love XP. Ive gone through them all and XP is by far the best. At work Im constantly bouncing around on 6+ machines with Mac OS 9 (YACK) Mac OS X (decent, love the move to bsd, but still lacks), Windows 95 (basic setup so I cant complain), Windows 2000 (quirky) and WinXP (no problems at all). The XP is what Im on now and the one I prefer to be on most, and its a ‘testing’ machine - a bottom of the line HP. It has no problems and hasnt crashed on me yet. Needless to say each and everyone of the others have. 2000 probably less though it still fs up with some programs at times. OS X isnt THAT stable - at least not when you actually have to do real work on it. And well os9 and below just blows.

Dont get me wrong, I absolutely hate M$ but Im gonna have to stick to my belief that XP is the best os theyve released. Across 3 seperately configured machines (including this one) Ive had absolutely no problems with it. Im surprised to see so many other people not liking it. And those whom Ive know who have similar feelings usually do so out of ignorance and through the ‘M$ influence’ (not to imply anyone here to be similar as Im in no position to make that judgement).

weird :-\

XP home? or PRO? Home is trash in my opinion. It locked up and crashed on me, from Day 1. Pro is really good and very stable in most respects… I like pro, but I like the layout and the usability of 98 better. I have been using it for almost 5 years now…I better know it inside and out…

:run: :scream: :bounce:

Yeah… Windows Xp Pro is alot more stable but I’ve worked with Home as well and have had 0 problems with it… I still like my 98/SE at home better…


This is what they want so this is what I’m going to give them… You know what I mean?!

They are paying me enough to do this soo… =) I’m gonna do it… and every hour is another $30 in my pocket… lol

Peace Out

current computer (work tester) is home
my personal computers (2 that have xp) are pro
my brother has home - no problems there (even when I visit and screw w/ it)

my mothers 2 most recent computers (old and current) were/are 98SE. They crash all the time. The one shes using now will lock up after being on for about a day. I had similar problems with my 98/98SE (on two different machines - including one that has pro now w/o a hitch).

… Id throw in my grandfathers computer in the lot too but he has so much crap on that thing (the system tray consumes half the taskbar on loadup) that it deserves to crash (and does - 98SE)

old people :sigh: :wink:

Microsoft is the BEST company!

[size=1]( chaching! :wallet fattens: )[/size]

:wink: playamarz

lol sen…:bad:

Yeah i am running XPHome…I LOVE IT! i have tested it to the max so many times and i have had NO problems AT ALL! Compaired to my old ME this is like a Rolls-Royce…i love it and would only trade it for Pro…but i wouldnt mind OS X too…(but if i get to keep my XP too)

edit: sen my school insits on running OS8/9, when ever i use one of the IMACS they are using (OLD CRAPS) i want to puke,one time when i was in the lab this year i almost fainted as soon as i got on one lol…for real…i think it was switching from my 1024 res back to a 800 res cause i had the same symptoms when i switched this res to the 1024…but still, i think it was the OS and crappyness too…lol


When I went to design school, they were using OS8 on PowerMac 250’s w/32M RAM…

Try opening Photoshop, Dreamweaver and have the OS running…

I dare you…

They had to be the slowest computers I have ever worked on…

In a Graphics Design School…



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**lol sen…:bad:

Yeah i am running XPHome…I LOVE IT! i have tested it to the max so many times and i have had NO problems AT ALL! Compaired to my old ME this is like a Rolls-Royce…i love it and would only trade it for Pro…but i wouldnt mind OS X too…(but if i get to keep my XP too) **

yeah Im actually fairly impressed with OS X. Im not an apple fan but this was a nice move and opens up a lot to what Apple can become. For as ‘young’ as it is (being an apple os at least) Im pleased. The hardware needs to get cooking to be able to handle it as well as it should, and there are some little nuiances which can drive you wild (like making a new folder). But all in all its a decent system. Im not too fond of the dock - wasnt much of a NeXT fan either. But its a needed Apple taskbar. A floating ASM just didnt cut it for me in 9 and below, though I still use the ASM in X :wink: I might splurge and get myself a new powerbook heh. Thats one thing Apple has going for it is style. The backlit keyboard made me cream my pants. Ok not really but it was funny to see that one guys reaction in the movie they have at the apple website showing the new powerbooks off.

but yeah, XP still holds the throne. And thats my opinion. (not fact :beam: )

lol, me too. i am getting a powerbook cause with any luck i will get into the school i want knock on wood and they require it. it will be nice cause i have never used anything but OS 8/9.

yeah that would be nice :wink:

the new 17incher is like $4k though lol - a little out of my range :checks the pennies in his pocket: Hmm looks like Ill get one of those new Tiger (game) computers instead.

lol yeah, i want the big boy 17" too…i mean 17" on a NOTEBOOK! i could do all my work on that comp that i can on my Dtop and with just a 2" smaller screen!