[Beta] Beat 'em up Game Engine - Feedback!

This is a beat 'em up engine which is based on such games as Final Fight or Streets of Rage, but with the interactivity of Grand Theft Auto. You can steal cars, collect weapons and brawl your way towards the end of each level.

Im now trying to work out the visual style and gameplay of the game, which I would love to hear peoples views on. Currently I am experimenting with a ‘mobster’ theme, but would like to hear more ideas. Im also interested in the idea of collaboration so let me know if you are interested!

[COLOR=#810081]Play the game here[/COLOR]

There is no preloader so wait a couple of seconds for the game to appear.

[Arrows] - Move;
[A] - Attack;
[S] - Jump;
[D] - Use/activate;

Get into cars by pressing ‘D’
Perform a drive-by shooting with ‘A’