[BETA] Dawn of the Hulker

Finally I’m getting near to getting it finished. I’ll be working on the background story the next week and in the meantime I’m looking for some feedback on the game. So if you can find bugs, have a suggestion for interface/balancing/story, feel free to post!

Dawn of the Hulker BETA (no preloader yet, give it a wait)

For anyone wondering why I’m a bit late with posting this:
Well this has been sitting on my HD for the last two days. I wanted to do the Beta with Mochi to get a nice preloader, mochibot and to test if the ads would bring up bugs. Now I can’t seem to update Dawn of the Hulker on Mochi. A test account did accept all the files. Mochi is looking into it now, so I hope to hear from them soon.

Hold M and click to issue a “move to” order.