Beta testers for a tutorial please


Would it be possible for a few people to test my tutorial so that you can tell me what’s wrong with it ? It’s not a beginner’s tutorial, but it’s not very complicated either. It’s about using components to make a form.

I can’t attach it to the thread, so if you’re interested, just give me your email address, and I’ll send it to you.

pom :asian:

I would but late tonight I am leaving for california and won’t be back for a whole 2 weeks but by then I am sure the tutorial will be on the site! Well good luck and I am sure you will find someone…■■■■ 2 weeks without a computer, oh who am I kidding I have dont it before!

Good luck. I’ve succeeded not to touch my computer for 2 weeks once, but I was young at that time… :*(

pom :asian:

Hey Pom,
Sure, I’ll test it for you. My email address is: [email protected] I have started taking a peek at what components are, so I just might might be able to help you out.

Kirupa :bandit:

vas-y, envoie!
tu n’as plus icq?
[email protected]

I’d be happy to take a look as well Pom.

[email protected]

Thanks guys. Anyone maybe not as good as you guys ?

Eh non, Joe, je me suis cassé de France sans mon numéro, et donc je suis à la rue. De toute façon, j’aime pas trop le concept. Par contre maintenant je suis sur MSN, héhé.

Sending it !

pom :asian:

Ok, I got responses from the MX forum too. I think there’s enough.

But Joe, hotmail told me to get lost with your address. Can you check it ?

pom :asian:


I wouldn’t mind having a peak…