Bevel in Flash MX 2004

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Hi, I m actually learning Flash Mx 2004 through kirupa tuts(they are really gr8). But now while I was doing the bevel tut project, I faced a problem.

As said in tuts, I tried to create 2 layers mask,light. The dark layer was already there. I copied it first and created 2 layers and named them mask and light. I pasted the dark layer content to mask layer and then light layer(even tried first light layer and then mask layer) and right-clicked on mask layer and clicked ‘Mask’. Next, I tried to change the color of the light layer text to light green but it didn’t work! Please note that when I had clicked ‘Mask’, the layers mask and light had been locked…so as said in tut I locked all layers except light layer and still when I put light colors to text, it doesn’t work.

Please tell me where I went wrong. Thanks. :tb: