Bi-Directional Dynamic Text!

I am quite new to the world of Flash (as far as developing anyway), so here’s my question:

Can Flash intergrate Bi-Directional Dynamic Text?
I know Flash can read text (from a text file) and input it Dynamically in a movie, but can it do the reverse? Can it take text, data, and/or variables created by actionscript or input text fields (both from within the movie) and write it into an existing or new text file?

If it is possible, does anyone know how and can show me? (and I dont mean using databases or anything else but the txt file and the movie)


Not sure if it is possible or not, but I know that if it is it will requires either CGI or PHP. Since PHP is slowly replacing CGI I would say it would be that. You can’t just do it with a .txt file and a movie, you would need something to communicated between the two files and be able to write to the .txt file.

If you use MX, you can save stuff to the users hardrive with the localObject feature, and retrieve the content later; the file will have the extension “.sol” and is normally found in a subfolder of you flashplayer or the current user folder in win2k/xp. Opens with wordpad…

How to use: check ilyas tutorial up at