Dynamic Text, is this feesible?

Ok, so I’d probably place myself as a flash novice right now, I’ve been working with it off and on with client projects for almost two years… now I’ve got a question of possibility. I’ve got a client site that by the powers that be has been stuck on a server that offers no back end support (asp, php, etc.) Yet this client’s wanting to have an updateable listing of distributors on their site. Currently its all done in html - layed out in tables, nicely done, but not easily updatable. So I thought hey, why wouldn’t it be possible to use a text file in flash and have that load the manageable content up that way. So I know I could just do general text, and links etc., but would there be a way to set it so, they could determine the number of entries and then lay that data out in a table? Like maybe have the file specify a variable of 10 entries, that would tell the swf to draw 10 tables and then insert the text data into them? I imagine it’s possible, and just wonder if anyone has any similar experience. Well, any help is much appreciated. Thanks.