Big changes for Rab

you’ve probably read me on this site bch, bch, b***ch about not having a job or working in a sports store just now…well that could all be coming to an end.

Two, count them, two web agencies want me to be one of their freelance programmers, two companies in England want me to work on temp contracts for them and they’ll pay big bucks.

I don’t wanna leave Edinburgh but these english jobs are great money and only for a little while so even if I get one I can charge a laptop to my credit card go to england and then keep doing the freelance stuff on my laptop and then launch my new site in a week and hopefully get some clients of my own, things are looking up. :slight_smile:

By the way could anyone recommend a good technical ASP book and perhaps an XML one too. I’ve worked with both but I want a really good technical full of everything ASP book and an XML one that covers the basics and the heavy stuff cause I haven’t used it much, thanks :thumb:

Good luck mate, theres nothin wrong with workin in England.

Congrats Rab! About a book recommendation, I have no idea. You may want to search through for XML and ASP and find the best selling ones :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow great for you man =)

Sounds Great! Keep us informed on how that’s going.

Money is what keeps the world going.

Seriously, no lie. Congrats to you! Make sure you make big bucks :thumb:.

thanks guys

and I promise if I start making big bucks I won’t forget everyone here at…you know…that forum site…uhmm…thingymajig…ehm…Kirupa, thats it

I won’t forget everyone here at…no sorry it’s gone again :wink:

Does this mean you’ll be able to go into movie quotes more often, now that things are looking up?

hmmmm…hadn’t thought of that :slight_smile:

Oh yeah…Cambridge look out, RabBell’s coming to Cambride on the 2nd and I’ll be in town for about 3 months on a temp job.

Also I’ve finally stared working freelance for an agency in Edinburgh so I’ll have to buy a laptop and work on their stuff from the comfort of my B&B room.

Anyone any tips for Cambridge :h: